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The security and proper use and processing of personal data are extremely important for HOLIDAY LAB Ltd. and our users. Therefore, it is important for us that they understand how and why we process their personal information.

The administrator of the website guarantees to its users that it has taken all necessary measures for the protection of personal data in accordance with the regulatory requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679. With the applied policy for personal data protection the Administrator respects the right to privacy and ensures that it makes all necessary efforts to protect the personal data of both registered users and everyone who left their personal data in the forms of inquiries. By taking steps to protect our online and offline content, we ensure that we take action against the improper processing of the LD data we receive. We use modern technologies and protections to provide security and minimized risk.

This Privacy Policy is inextricably linked to the General Terms and Conditions of HOLIDAY LAB Ltd. It does not regulate rights and obligations, but aims to explain to you - our users, what personal data we process in connection with the provision of hotel services, why and how We process them, including when it is necessary to disclose personal data to third parties and why.It also provides information about the rights that you as users of this site have in connection with the processing of your personal data by HOLIDAY LAB "Ltd.

This Privacy Policy applies to the personal data that HOLIDAY LAB EOOD collects and processes from inquiries and registration on this site and in the hotel services it offers. The collection and processing of your personal data is carried out in accordance with the privacy policy. data (and / or cookie policy) for this website or its applications, as well as the social media profiles to which there are links on this site and are the property of HOLIDAY LAB EOOD.

How we collect personal data:

On the site of "HOLIDAY LAB" Ltd. there is a direct way to collect personal data:

- By entering data in the form when making a hotel reservation;

In order to be able to process your requests, we need personal data - names, e-mail, telephone and address - these are the minimum details required by law to make a sale. You voluntarily send your inquiry to us. If you register on our site or indicate that you want to receive information from us by email, in a special field, we will send you information by email, no more than 2 times a month. To this end, you must have indicated that you agree to receive such information.

Please note that you can always opt out of receiving emails from us.

For what purpose do we collect your personal data:

- To deliver the services we offer on our website;

- To send you an answer to the inquiries you leave on our site;

- To send you emails with our monthly newsletter, current news and other marketing messages and materials;

- Statistical goals;

What data do we process:

It processes different types of personal data, depending on the type of services provided to users. Such data includes user identification data, name, surname and surname, PIN, address, telephone and e-mail, which are necessary for delivery. The provision of LD is completely voluntary and does not restrict the user to view the content of our site. Every time you as a user open our web page and all sub pages and menus, we receive information in the form of an information protocol. Facebook, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, PayPal and Freecall bookmarks are placed on our site. These tags and the information collected by the site give us information about:

- Your web browser and operating system;

- The referent who refer you to our page;

- Duration and date of the visit;

- IP address;

- Your inquiries;

- Data for registration on the site;

- General demographic data for all users without detailed profiling;

When processing your personal data (LD), we follow the following principles:

When processing your personal data (LD), we follow the following principles:

Confidentiality of the processing of LD and guaranteeing a high level of security of the entrusted personal data;
Legality and good faith;
Accuracy and timeliness of data;
Storage of your data for a specific period;
They are collected only for the purposes explicitly stated in this Policy;
How long will we store the user's ID and everyone who sent an inquiry or registered on the current site:

HOLIDAY LAB EOOD stores the personal data of the users as much as necessary in order to achieve the goals set out in this Privacy Policy or to comply with the requirements of the legislation. In order to fulfill our obligations arising from the tax and accounting legislation, data on a user are stored for a period of 11 years.

This Privacy Policy may be amended or supplemented due to an amendment of the applicable legislation, at the initiative of HOLIDAY LAB EOOD, the users or a competent body such as the Commission for Personal Data Protection.

Processing of your personal data:

We collect and process your personal data only for the purposes explicitly selected above. Your personal data is stored in a system that complies with applicable national and European legislation. This system is subject to processing only by officials authorized by HOLIDAY LAB EOOD.

The data we receive from you voluntarily is stored so that we can:

· Send you an advertising email if you have registered;

· To process your orders;

Web services we use:

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In recent months, Google has taken significant steps to ensure security in the operation of LDs under the GDPR, to continue to use the platform under the new rules, which are introduced on 25/05/2018. According to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, Google has taken a number of measures to comply with the directive in force.

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What are your rights?

You may request to receive free information about the personal data collected about you. You can at any time refuse to have your personal data collected and processed, as well as request that it be forgotten. To do this, send an email to

If you have given your consent and registered on our site, you have the right to withdraw from it at any time. In this case, you should use the opt-out option provided at the end of each email or by writing to


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"Cookies" or "Cookies" in English are small text files that are sent from the websites you visit to the visitor's computer or device. The role of these small files is to collect information about the use of the site by the user in order to be recognized and to improve the functionality of the site and work with it. Through this type of recognition of visitors who have visited the website, the visitor cannot be personally identified. The information collected by cookies most often includes:

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Changes to our cookie policy

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